Lenovo yoga 2 1051f HD upgrade


Oct 23, 2013
I have upgraded my tablet from win8.1 to win10, however I cannot now get any updates as the HD is at 21.9gb and only 1.54gb free. I have installed a 64gb card which now shows as D: drive. but still won't complete the updates. I thought of deleting the OS from the HD and then installing a fresh copy of win10, however Microsoft tell me it needs 16gb to work, so I wouldn't really be any better of, my last thought was to have the HD swapped for a larger drive. Any help or info would be appreciated please


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2011
This is an Android forum, however since you have already upgraded and activated my suggestion would be a fresh install of Windows 10. You don't need a serial number to do that. There is some data or a lot of apps taking up room somewhere for sure.

Right clink the C drive in Explorer and go to properties - tap the clean disk button then again on the next screen. If you're happy with Windows 10 and don't see a reason to go back you can clean everything on that list. You can recover a lot of space there.


Jul 29, 2015
I'm surprised posting someone posted about windows 10. By the way is lenovo yoga 2 a flip 360 and touchscreen.