Let's make Data & Voice with t-mobile for Huawei S7 possible


Feb 18, 2011
To make t-mobile give us data and voice we all must complain to the FCC.
ManyS7 owners have not even got a refund for the data service they paid for but only enjoyed for an initial 2hrs max until t-mobile cut us off. After mentioning my complaint to the FCC my $50 refund showed up on my account after 3 days. Let’s stop complaining to CEO’s who don’t really care but get the FCC involved and we will see some results.
Choose: #5 Wireless Telephone next #3 Billing, Service, Privacy, Number Portability and other issues next ONLINE FORM – Recommended Method
Fill out: Consumer Information and Form 2000B – Billing, Privacy, or Service Quality Complaint (skip #4)
In #5 I just wrote:
I own a Huawei S7 Smartphone and recently added a data plan to my device. It worked for about 2 hours and after that kept redirecting me to the T-mobile sign in page.
As I found out T-mobile blocked my data plan because it does not recognize my device as a Smartphone but only as a tablet device, when in fact it is a Phone. They will only allow me to use it as either one or the other.
This problem does not exist with AT&T customer, as they are able to use their phones along with a 3G data plan.
I find T-mobile’s position on this matter unacceptable and hope you will help rectify this matter for us.
You help will be much appreciated.
Each complaint makes t-mobiles FCC rating go down and that is something they really want to avoid. So help get the word out. Forward this message to as many as possible.
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