LG Bringing New Tablet To CES


Sep 21, 2010

The tablet scene at CES just became a little more interesting with LG saying they will have something great for the show. LG has been over shadowed for quite some time by Motorola’s XOOM tablet, and in a recent Korean Times article, LG says they will have something great for the show. LG also plans to show off “auto-stereoscopic 3D mobile displays” at the event, which since I have never heard of it, most is quite interesting.

Anyone excited for this new tablet that’s supposed to be coming soon? What might you want to see in this new tablet?

Source (LG Wants In On CES+Tablet Game | Android Phone Fans)


Nov 21, 2010
Both this LG Tablet and the HTC scribe need to have these for me to want to buy it:

  • At least a 10" screen
  • At least 512 mb ram
  • Large internal memory with micro sd card for extra expansion (HTC only 2gb? please...)
  • Runs on Honeycomb when you buy it

I don't think I am asking for too much...the Motorola XOOM seems to have these things...can't wait until CES (wish I was in Vegas!)


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Aug 4, 2010
Life is Good the former GoldStar of the 80's has come along way up. GoldStar (LG) use to make computers and printers. They where pretty good. But now getting int this crowded Tablet market should be interesting. The key is to make on that can last more than a month and have enough power to run everything that's currently available and have future upgrades. This is the direction they should go. If this is going to be another Android base and they go into the 8" panel then it going to have issues already. As most of the software apps are aimed for smart phones and smaller size screens.

LG Optimus Pad
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