LG G Pad X 8.0 v520 Charging "Fix"


Senior Member
May 21, 2015
I bought one of these 32Gb ATT units, unlocked, a couple of months ago. It came on Android 6, but it upgraded to Android 7.0 in the first day I had it, It's a very good tablet; I use it on WiFi only.

One issue I ran into right away was getting it to successfully charge. I had read on other forums (not much info here on the LGs) of issues with charging, with the most common solution offered being to make sure to use the original LG charger and cable. I did not have one, or want to buy one.

What I have found is that I rarely get the tablet to charge if I plug it in while the tablet is powered on, even if it is asleep. The problem is the charge might stay level, or it can even lose more charge, while on the charger. However, by trial and error, I have found it always charges properly if I first shut the tablet down and then connect the charger.

One other issue that comes up rarely is that the tablet starts up to a special screen like it has a firmware update to install, but will sit there and do nothing. Just hold down the keys to reset (power and vol-down buttons pressed simultaneously, and hold for 10 sec), and it will then start up properly.

I'm putting this up here in the event it helps someone down the road who comes here searching for help on these issues.