Linking Text in pdf to Audio Readout


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Jun 30, 2015
I have a ASUS TF700T, running android 4.2.1. I assume the issue I'm raising is an OS rather than a device question.

I use a language course (Teach Yourself Irish), which comes as a pdf of the text, (Teach Yourself Irish.pdf); a _pdf of the links, (_TeachYourselfIirish.pdf) and a folder of mp3 files of readings of the vocabularies and the Irish texts in the pdf. Clicking on a text in the pdf brings up the corresponding audio file in the audio player. This works in Linux (Mint LMDE and Debian sid) and in Widows 8.1. However, clicking on a text in the Android tablet using a variety of pdf reader apps produces no response.

The text-audio link is plainly in the hidden _TeachYourselfIirish.pdf file (70 bytes), which neither Linux nor Windows will open. I am looking for a way to get Android or an app to recognise and execute the link.



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