Looking at buying an eLocity a7 or a Superpad 10.2 pc tablet and need help!!! Please


Jan 25, 2011
I'm looking for some help. The eLocity looks like the best, but it does not have the Android Market. I'm not very fluent with computers or tablets so am not sure if there is a way to get the Market. Hopefully someone can help me out with some opinions on which is better, and whether there is a way to get Market on eLocity and maybe to verify whether the Superpad has Market. I haven't found any info one way or another. I'm looking for a tablet to use for surfing net, as an ereader, and for gaming. One of my faves is a game on Facebook called SuperPoke Pets (SPP). Lame I know, but I am addicted. The only problem is some won't load the SPP site. I bought the Nook Color and that wasn't able to load it.

So can someone advise me? Please? I don't want to buy the wrong one and be stuck. This is my first devise so I'm really nervous. Thanks so much


Feb 7, 2011
Hi car_pe_dium,

I'm no expert, but having access to the Android Marketplace is a big deal. Without the ability to easily update/install apps then the device can get pretty outdated quickly. Is price a big issue cause the Superpad 10.2 is about $100 cheaper, but the problem is it has Android 2.1 and it's always good to have the later version of the OS. Since it's Android you should be able to root and install another version of the ROM, but it's a lot more work.

Superpad does have Marketplace.

I'm in the process of deciding if I'm going to pick up this tablet myself. I was going to get the NookColor, but I figured I'd get an Android device that's fully accessible for roughly the same price.