Looking for a 2.2 Android tablet.


Oct 27, 2010

As the title say's I'm looking for a 2.2 android tablet 'froyo' or what not. I am by no means in any position to have an idea what I am doing. - I'm not technophobic but completely new to the world of android and these tablet pc 'things' :p.

I know what I want the tablet to do, So that's a start.

Basically, I'm looking for a tablet that I can use to watch flash video's on the internet. (I take it with flash 10.1, I can use megavideo etc. on these?)

I'll also use it as a personal organiser (So basic functions of a decent calendar, a word processor and bit's and bob's like that.( I imagine I can get these sort of things through the android market?)).

It'd be nice to have a camera, but not essential. WiFi is a must and 3g/data would also be highly desirable. A nice crisp screen, HD preferably, 720pi will do.

Now, Don't suggest an Archos 7.. Or any other Archos tablet to me. I've had mine six hours and am now going to send it back. - It's buggy, useless and the blatant OS rip from a phone is, pathetic in my view. ( I have no problem with it being ripped from a phone if it works well and you take out the bit's that say it's from a phone).

Also the screen is terrible. You press a key, the little white box comes up saying these are the alternate's ( I image that's what it's for... Though I've never seen any.) And half the time it press's a key on the opposite side of the screen or just doesn't use it. And that's when it doesn't set itself into a cap's lock.)

~ Okay I'll stop there. As you may have noticed, I'm slightly... Disappointed... In it.

Sorry for the face full of text wall. I can't really think, of anything else at the moment. But I think you get the gist of what I'd like. My PC in my pocket.

Ah before I forget I'm willing to drop out up to £300 for it ( Maybe a little more ).

Thank's for reading, this and I look forward to any recommendations. Compromises are welcome to :). Sorry about the fact you probably see these all the time, but I think it's better to have it tailored to yourself than taking it from someone else's want's.

Thank's again,



Oct 27, 2010
Thank's for the site, But sadly I'm still confused as to what's what. I can look through the specifications, but most of it mean's nothing to me. As I look through the forum's looking up the different bit's and bob's I become more confused. I've looked at a couple that seem good. But can't sort of make a choice, of what's worth it. As I don't want to be disappointed again.

After having a look, through that site, a few others. And amazon. I've sort of narrowed it down to either getting the x5a, or waiting a bit and see if the Commtiva FM6 (or n700) drops much in price before christmas. I'm not really In a rush to get one, But would like one as soon as.

Thank's again. Any idea's on them would be much appreciated!



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Aug 6, 2010
First off, Sorry for your experience, but you got a year old design of the Archos 7. The 70 has not been released except in Press release/and limited in Germany. And unless you got one of those, you got an old design Archos 7. The Archos you got would have been built with Android 1.5 (first version), resistive touch, and soundly criticized by all when it was released. I can thoroughly understand why you would be disappointed. If you look at my sig line. It shows I have a 7 but do not mention it for that reason.

That stated, the unit you want is still not released in quality quantities. There are many which can do what you want. But there is a lot of longing and predictive want happening here as well. This has been going on since September.

You state you are not a technophobe, but you also indicate you want one that works and has functional capability out of the box. It also sounds like you want one which will provide decent support base. The one thing you did not indicate whether you want is a 7in or 10inch.

You need to understand. There is no brand base right now as in Phones (Read Motorola,LG,Etc), it is still dependent upon core manufacturer. That is why there are many units which look identical but have different names. What you really want will not be out until November or after. The prior builds and existing models are all based on a Phone Android core. There is no getting around that.
Soo, Bottom line there is only one unit which is close to your needs which is available now. That is the Wellcom A800. But best of luck getting one. Otherwise, you will be faced with multiples of similar units which are similar to the Herotab x6,X5A,M70003 series.

Look back on the forum a few days. I posted what I considered the best five tablets available NOW, not November. Otherwise. Just return the old Archos 7 and wait.

P.S. Do not discount the new Archos series The 70 and 101 will be competitive in my opinion
But that is my opinion
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Oct 27, 2010
Thank's gurgle, that was really informative! - And yes I should of stated that I wanted a 7" tablet.

I've had a look through your post and can't see anything that 'tickles my fancy', So I think I may wait and see what people think of the Commtiva N700, and if it's good I'll look at picking up one of those.

If not so much, Maybe an X5A, Or the one Nowsupplier recommended. (thank's) - Unless I can see another one that look's good, coming out in the near future. As I said I'm willing to spend up to and around £300, And I do believe in the fact you pay for quality! (Though that has been proved wrong a few time's!)

Also, I did check out the 70, and 101 from Archos, they do look good.. Just don't want it to fall into the category of the 7, that I had. I guess one mess-up helps me hold a grudge.

Thank's a lot guy's I'll keep looking through the forums and around the internet, If anyone notices something that may fit the bill, if you could let me know I would be most thankful!



Aug 20, 2010
Watch out for Telechip G10s (HAiPads) running fake android 2.2. They are actually running a hacked version of 2.1 and are not very stable. I bought some and had to reload the official 2.1 version. The 2.2 version should run flash 10.1 but they don't. Ask your seller if the 2.2 version runs flash 10.1 before you buy.