Looking for a tablet with real GPS?


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Dec 7, 2015
Greetings, im having trouble finding a tablet with several features im looking for and also most of the threads im seeing about some of the features are several years old so im going to ask for some advice if you don mind.
1: I mainly want to find a relatively cheap table to test out a app call Navonics HD, it is a chart plotting program for boating. and possibly some other boating apps. Tablet can be an older model as long as it does the job.
2: It HAS to have a integrated GPS, as in gps will work without any signal from wifi,3g/4g, truly connect to a gps satellite system.
3: Extra stuff that would be nice, but not necessary would be some form of usb connectivity, some form of hdmi, connect, and SD card, again theses are all secondary to the GPS.
4: Im looking for something relatively cheap, i don't mind used or refurbished if needs be. but i hesitate to put a price amount
5: As to size something in 9" or larger screen size.
6: I dont know a whole lot about android, but i am computer literate, and am not afraid to work with software if need be.
im am in the USA

Thank you for your time and attention


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Dec 27, 2011
Pretty much any tablet that says it has GPS and doesn't precede that with a qualifier like the word "assisted" and it isn't a 3G/4G tablet will have "real" GPS. There are a lot of them out there that do. It's a matter of fitting it into your budget.

Getting a tablet with USB out AND HDMI may blow the budget.

Look at what's available here
Amazon.com: tablet with usb and hdmi: Electronics