Looking for Advice on Buying a New Tablet


Junior Member
Oct 18, 2014
Hi everybody ... i am really new about this. I have the idea to buy a tablet (or an ipad). I am gonna need this just for these funcionts: reading medical articles , wacthing videos for my study (so we are not talking about film in HD), use some application (like gmail, anki,... )-The characteristics i am looking for from this tablet are :
1. light
2. with a good resolution for the video (i don't have to watch films but just medical videos for studying )
3. a screen of minimum 10
4. a good memory (i would like to put the video inside so i was looking for something of 64 gb or more)
5. i would like to have screen that doesn't tire my eyes too much when i am reading the articles.
I don't care about the other stuff (like sim card, ..... ) and i want just a good tablet in the point i have written above.
Does someone has any suggestion for me ??? Like the model i should buy or the range of money I should spent to find a tablet with these attributes?
Please help me because i have really no idea and this is a totally new world for me :D.... thank you very much :D