Making Phone Calls and texting on Coby Kyros


Feb 7, 2013
On your computer:
Sign up for an account at, go to and sign up for an account there too. (Put in your Callcentric info) IPKall will associate a phone number with your Callcentric account.
On your Coby:
Download Google Voice, Google Voice Callback and Csipsimple.
Open Csipsimple and add an account. Scroll down to Callcentric and type in the correct info.
On ur computer, go to Google voice, get a Google Voice phone number, and add the Callcentric number(The number IPKall gave you) under "Forwards Calls To:", then verify it.
On Coby, open Google voice Callback and select the callback number as the Callcentric (IPKall) number.

OF course, you can just start texting with your Google Voice app.

Hope this helps. I'll check this thread on Sunday and answer any questions.

Do I have to root my Coby Kyros MID7048 running Android ICS 4.0.3 before I can successfully do all this? If so, how do I root it without turning it into a brick?

Also, does the Kyros come with a pre-installed mobile number that I can find somewhere in the File Explorer files and enter into to be able to access the Locate my Tablet, Scream, etc. security features? If not, is there something else I could attach a Google Voice number to my Tablet and then put enter that # on as the mobile number?

Last question: did u root yours, and if so, what operating system is it running and what model? I'm guessing the one on your little profile info. but just wanna be sure. Thanks in advance. SO pumped about getting free phone calls and being able to use the Lookout security features in case it got stolen or misplaced!