Market Place & Browser not working!!


Dec 8, 2010
[h=2]Market Place & google browser not working[/h]
Hi, I have this tablet..several of them actually. About a week ago I booted one up & created a google account & entered the MarketPlace, made downloads etc.. with no issues at all!

Today, I decided to boot a couple more up & create the gmail accounts to access the market. Everything goes through ok, but when I try to download an app it says downloading & then says google authentication failed. The app fails to download.. When I exit and try to enter the internet via browser it goes to the internet, but only loads 90% and reverts back to the desktop. The only way I can access the internet is through google search..

Seems like I'm missing the security key for google services or something....

I've read online that other mobile android users had the same issues & it was a google issue or gmail issue...posters said something about changing the account from to ..don;t have any clue on how to do that on this tablet. I've tried doing a factory reset to get rid of the gmail account, but it doesn;t get deleted..

totally lost on a solution & considering the seller ripped me off on pricing, It wouldn't surprise me if authentication files we're left out from the firmware..

any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ftanl:mad::mad::mad: