me & my intro


Jan 16, 2011
i'm a long user of internet, +20y mainly pc, but since my palm tungsten also on pda. the tungsten was far from internet friendly. things improved on my windows mobile 5 some years ago. i used my htc trinity as early tab with small screen and never on 3g for all the typical tab functions, gps, phone, pics, movie, games, rss, browsing, sms, mail, apps, etc. i liked it and i still have it, but i needed my engineering skills to keep it going, so the wife uses it as phone only ;-). then i downgraded from wm5 to blackberry, professional needs, that bb 8900 could do the same as the htc trinity, but expect for a none engineer friendly usage, i never use it outside mail and phone. since i hate apple for inflexibility and price, i started looking at android to improve my htc trinity usage style. the galaxy tab gave me what i need, the note, read, internet and communication device smaller as my small factor engineering laptop. the kids love the tab and easiness of android, me the price of it, so i added an archos 101 for family usage and expect to add some cheap chinees tabs later. my 2 home laptops and netbook will soon be replaced by tabs, assuming flash works. i'm professionally in the multimedia business for many years and i strongly believe tabs will be THE pc killer, rather as easier pc os-es. android has the advantage today and got me to drop my good friends in redmond for the 1st time as prime end point i like (and i did even linux clients and servers), but i expect the mickey people to fightback. I expect interesting times, though i already needed my ip skills to allow my galaxy tab to re-access my crowded home wifi. that's not a good sign and i wonder how samsung will react if i flag an rfc bug, will it be samsung or the android community to deal herewith. let's see what will happen once i have even more tabs.