Memory and storage questions


Jan 1, 2011
Hello all

New to the tablets and learning alot, even managed to root and install Android Market using the Ultimate Guide rooting....(geat instructions!)

But, still lots to learn, and ran into something today. I was installing an app and the notification bar gave me a message that I was running out of memory (or storage-I forgot.)

I went through the settings using the tablets settings and an app called Android Systems Information.

I have the 7015 with Built-in 4GB internal memory
I have an 8 GB SD card

The device information shows:

Firmware Version

kernel Version
2.6.29 root and 2.1

Build Number
mid7015 1.6a_20101124-3

The SD Card & Device Storage section:
SD card
Total space 7.41GB
Available space 7.22GB

Nand memory
Total space 2.72GB
Available space 2.70GB

I have installed about 70-80 apps (including the default Android Mkt).
Using File Manger, I have:
SD card (17M/2786M)0%

And using Android System Information:
Dashboard tab:
'Internal memory' Max 261.0MB, Free 32.49MB 12%
'SD card' Max 2786.12MB, Free 2768.89MB 99%
'RAM' Max 154MB, Free 64MB 41%

System tab:(Memory section)
'Memory Download Cache' Max 39.98MB, Free 17.84MB
'Data' Max 261MB, Free 32.47MB
'External Storage' Max 2.72GB, Free 2.70GB
'Total Ram" 154MB
'Free RAM' 62MB

System tab:(Environment section)
Root Directory: /system
Data Directory: /data
Download Cache Directory: /cache
External Storage State: mounted
External Storage Directory: /nand

Why would I get that notification with 2.70 GB free on internal, and 7.22GB on the SD card?
Why does File manager show SD card (17M/2786M)0% and Application(228M/261M)87%?
And, The Dashboard and system tab information seems to be off also, SD card, RAM, etc.

Can any app be moved to the SD Card to save

I can build a server and get in online, tablets and phones scare me :)



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Jun 30, 2010
apps dont save to internal memory or sd card, those are both for like pictures, music and movies, those kind of things. But i cant remember if it works on 2.1 but with titanium backup you can force some apps over to the sdcard. you might want to give that a try


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Dec 28, 2010
I'm going to study the init scripts after my vacation and see if I can't get part of the nand moved to the data partition... Maybe try to get gparted to work (ha ha).