Micro SD question Haipad M701


Nov 6, 2010
I recently was gifted a great device (Haipad M701) for Christmas. I tested it to make sure it worked properly and then my fiancee wrapped it until Christmas Eve. My question is in regards to Micro SD support. The seller states 32gb is supported but some people have told me only 16gb is supported. I need to know which is true as I'm looking to upgrade from my 4 gb one.


Nov 22, 2010
If it supports 16GB it should be fine with 32GB as long as they follow the SDHC standard.
I'm running a Class 2 16GB card in mine at the moment and it's been great. Wish I could afford a 32GB card to try out!

If you decide to get a 32GB card from somewhere, make sure you can return it if it doesn't work as a precaution.

Also, remember that our Haipads, while surprisingly good tablets, aren't officially official. That means that some stuff that we try to do is going to be widely unknown and kind of experimental.

The trick is to report your findings so that the knowledge base grows for all users, or so i'd like to think. ;)

Go for it, I think you'll be fine.


Nov 3, 2011
I'm hoping I can revive this thread long enough to get an answer.
I just purchased a Haipad M701, already loaded with Gingerbread.
I also purchased a 16 GB microSD to boost the 4GB supplied with the device.
The problem is, I insert the 16 GB chip, the device initializes it, but I can't find anyway to install apps to the extra memory. I can only move them to the 4GB NAND memory.
This makes the 16 GB rather useless. How do I install the apps to the microSD??