MID7036 - Need Working Youtube APK


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Jan 22, 2013
Hello everyone (anyone?), I know this is a longshot and I can't imagine many users are still using these tablets but my mom has a MID-7036 she got free with a TV a few years ago and lately she has actually decided to start using it. Now YouTube used to work it until it updated and I uninstalled instead of removing the updates and the current YouTube does not work. It'll load everything for the video including the thumbnail and time but it will error out with "There was a error. Touch to retry".

Does anyone have a fix or can upload a working known working APK I can use? I'm getting her a new tablet soonish but until then I'd like to get her introduced to YouTube.

Thanks for any help.


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Dec 27, 2011
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What you see is pretty much what you've got. You could try uninstalling the last update in the app manager or clear the cache and settings but if your APK isn't working it's very possible another one wouldn't either. It may be some other app getting in the way, or your WiFi connection.

It also would be a violation of the forum guidelines for anyone to post a link. However, some searching may bring up some archives from a site.


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Jun 16, 2012
The current version of YouTube (version 11.01.56) works on your tablet. If you don't have access to the Play Store on the tablet, download a copy from APK Mirror.