Modifying boot image?


Dec 2, 2010
We need to figure out how to actually burn the flash file system on the Sylvania SYNET7LP. If you start up the tablet, hold down the power button, menu button, and press the screen all at the same time you get an option to recover. if you press power+menu together again it will flash the unit back to stock. Two questions for the experts out there:

1) Is it possible to extract the boot image and open it up to see how it is burning the file system? We can extract (using dd or cat) each partition from the device.

2) In the same method, can we figure out where the recovery image is that it burns?

the "kernal" and "ramdisk" partitions appear to be uImage files, so I think that means u-boot is the bootloader, but it's obviously been customized for this device.