Momo 12 and 8 Won't Boot


Feb 25, 2014

Sorry for being a noob in this topic but I have to learn somehow so....

I have two tablets momo 12 and 8 and:

Momo 12 was stuck constantly loading, somehow I got into recovery console and made factory reset, tablet booted up normally but after I tried to turn on the wifi the device just turned off. Now it wont get past first screen with a penguin. Also cant get to recovery mode again as the first time I got there was some kind of accident and I cant reproduce key combination that was succesfull.

Momo 8 just like 12 is stuck on loading screen but of course never loads, I tried many combinations of volume + and - with power but no luck getting to recovery mode...

Im new to tablet world but I tried downloading batchool it doesnt seem to recognize tablets but when I power on them connected to pc(windows xp) it detects unknown android device for which it cant install drivers. What drivers do I need ?

Any help would be great