momo9 7 inch


Aug 9, 2012
Hi I'm new to Android 4.0.3. I have many things to find out,as it came with just a very basic pamphlet and is not very informative on procedures etc.(I'm famillar with,windows and linux)
I've tried uploading to my Momo via a memory stick,with a document,a video, and some music,not sure If I'm doing it correctly. when I connect the memory stick itsays usb is mounted,,then I have to go into"file manager",look at the usb symbol,select and it shows what is on the usb(all well and good),then on the right hand side is a symbol looks like a memory card,select,then tick the document I want to copy,select copy,and in the middle it says in orange "Holding 1 file(s)",,How do I save it to a folder???I have looked and tried every option on the menu but cant save to a folder ie in documents......

(2),I cant find where you "UN-Mount" ie "safely remove device",,,I removed my micro sd card and now it will not stay in the tablet ,when I first inserted it,it clicked into position,but now it wont retain in the Tablet !.
However it does allow me to run from the usb,so I know it is seeing what is stored on the usb,,just cant work out how I save into a documents folder or music folder or video folder etc.

(3) Where can you get documentation on 4.0.3,,procedures etc??

the Tablet seems to perform very wel in all other aspects that I have tried,,it picks up wifi ok,and goes to other web pages ok

I hope someone can help me sort these things out.,