Moonse E7002 - Android noob questions


Aug 22, 2010
I received the Moonse E7002 apad (Telechips TCC8902, Eclipse) from merimobiles yesterday. I am very pleased with this tablet, just trying to understand the Android OS a little bit. There are two items that are really driving me crazy:

1) Every once in a while, the tablet reboots without warning. I saw a setting about rebooting for compatibility mode? Could this be what's happening?

2) Using the default keyboard, it seems to close unexpectedly. This is frustrating, after typing in 10-15 characters - just to have to start over when inputting a URL for the browser. I can't figure out why the keyboard app closes. It should wait until I press "GO".... but it closes without a reason that I can determine.

Good news. The Market app is VERY nice. Easy to search apps, download and install very quickly. I was very pleased with this feature. I already have 20 or so apps loaded after the first night!

thanks for any help with the above "nuisances".


Sep 9, 2010
I would not be happy with this. Would contact company and get a fix or return it. I will not consider this item. I am looking into a 7" tablet.