Most of Shanzhai Tablet PC can find firmware upgrades at 99pad forums


Nov 8, 2010
Today I have a customer from USA,she bought EKEN M002 from us but she set the security with her Tablet PC but she don't know how to remove it,so she can't access her tablet PC.
And I found so many information for her,got the the EKEN M002 can refresh the OS by herself,and I download the firmware from Chinese Android Tablet PC forum.
I found that really useful for me,there is so many ROMs for the Shanzhai Tablet PC.
Especially so many information about the Haipad M701-R tablet PC.
Yesterday I had send out a M701-R to my Philippines customer.Unexpectedly it's with the Bluetooth with the new version.
Later the Haipad will release the Android 2.2 OS for M701-R.If you know Chinese you can visit this forum.


Staff member
Jul 9, 2010
It's not spam. 99pad is a Chinese forum with a lot of information, but is run by China vendor 虎翼商城. I don't think owen is associated with them. But as a web forum, it operates by stealing information from other web communities. I do not know all the sources where they steal from, but I can compile a list of the actual sites.