Motorola Refutes Claim that they Plan to Decline and Terminate XOOM Production


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Jan 5, 2011

A recent article at claimed that according to suppliers forecasts, Motorola would be declining and terminating the Xoom during the second quarter of this year. Here's a quote from the original article,
But Motorola's Xoom orders in the second quarter will drop gradually each month, and orders will only last till the end of June, the sources said.
The story seemed a bit "suspect" so we did run anything on it until we could get more details. It was a wise move on our part to do so, because as it turns out, Motorola themselves were contacted and completely refuted these claims. Here is a direct quote from representatives at Motorola,
The Digitimes article is NOT accurate. Motorola Mobility is planning to manufacture and sell the Motorola XOOM beyond the second quarter.
The likely scenario that is emerging from the whole story is that they plan to introduce a new Xoom SKU into their system towards the end of the second quarter. When one of their suppliers saw the declining older SKU number, they jumped to conclusions and assumed that Motorola was going to shut down the Xoom altogether. That seems like a pretty ridiculous "leap pf logic", don't you think?

Source: Phandroid and Digitimes


Oct 19, 2010
I also thought they misinterpreted the situation for the release of a new Xoom SKU. It would be smart for Moto to do considering the iPad2. They can play catch up this year and then subsequent years release an "iPad killer" every ~June.