muralist-artist needs help in finding the right tablet


Sep 28, 2011
Hi everyone,
I draw my mural ideas on my old drawing tablet connected to an old laptop. I also lug old-fashioned portfolios to clients' homes when I go on an estimate. I would like to purchase a tablet that will allow me to do both: draw and use as a portfolio.

Here are some things I am looking for:
roughly a 10" screen, or the size of a piece of paper,
expandable memory so that I can put a card in to hold all my photos
ability to draw on the well as write notes
ability to support a photoshop type application
usb ports
I will use a pen, but don't know which type is best.

Also, is there a photoshop type application out there? a good calendar application for appointments? a contractor estimate application?

I realize that "you get what you pay for" but I really can't pay a lot of money.

Please, please, please help. As you can tell, I'm not technologically savvy. :confused: I'm located in New Jersey.



Aug 29, 2011
Hi, Marci, and welcome!

I'm also a New Jersey based artist/designer, and I know exactly what your needs are. Not easy to find, actually. I have a very inexpensive 10" chinese tablet (Flytouch 3/Superpad II) that runs Android 2.2. There are no drawing apps that will read and write PSD files in that version of Android, but there are a couple that will support layers: Canvas Pro (which I use) and Fresco Pro.

If you want fine control with a stylus, you will actually want a resistive screen (single touch and cheaper) rather than a capacitive screen (multi-touch). This is my personal choice (I've used a stylus since the old days of PDAs.) There are styluses (styli) for capacitive screens, but they have an extremely bulky tip. [The reason I like Canvas Pro is that it supports extremely responsive and smooth drawing, even on my relatively slow tablet].

Even with a capacitive screen, you might find that Autodesk's SketchPad works very well. I'm impressed with that program (use it on both my Win7 touchscreen Netbook and desktop.)

Just about any calendar program will handle appointments, etc., and link with an external account like Gmail or an exchange server.

Don't know about contractor estimating, but I'm sure such apps exist.

Please PM me if you want to discuss offline - I'd be glad to help!

- Paul


Sep 28, 2011
Thank you, Paul! You're actually not too far away from me. I'm in Piscataway.
Wow, there's a lot I have to consider.
I guess the best thing for me to do is investigate both types and see for myself which one feels better. I do need that fine control. I also need to import photos and manipulate them.

Thanks again for your advice and for the welcome. I appreciate it!