My experiences of using Nexus 7 after a couple of days.

Aug 3, 2012
I finally get the Nexus 7 ordered at the beginning of July. Followings are my using experiences after a couple of days.

  1. This is not a good time to buy Nexus 7, because its price is turning high because of the shortage, and many users respond that problems such as warping, bad spot, flickering screen etc. exist in the Nexus 7. However my Nexus 7 is just ok, except for the left side of the screen warping a little.
  2. Due to this is my first time to use the uncustomized Android 4.1, I’m a bit unaccustomed to it. For example, the Android 4.1 does not come with the “My Folder” program; There is no illustration of the percentage of the power and the using condition of the memory; I can not clear all the processes running in the background at once …
  3. Compared to Android 4.0, Android 4.1 makes everything feel fast, fluid, and smooth, especially for switching views and sliding screen.
  4. In the power consumption, the power decreased by 1% after watching 3-minute video.
  5. The display effect of the 7-inch screen shipping with 1280x800 resolution is just fine. However for me, I prefer the richly colored SA screen. I always feel that the IPS screen of the Nexus 7 is dirty while viewing movies. Here I recommend two useful multimedia software – “DVD to Nexus 7 ripper” and “Nexus 7 video converter” for Nexus 7 owners who often watch movies on Nexus 7. The two programs can help you encode many N7-incompatible videos to the correct file formats for Nexus 7.

The 7-inch screen of Nexus 7 is suitable for me, and i will not buy the tablet whose screen size is over 7 inches. The latter, if the manufacturers do the quality control well and its price retures to the normal level, Nexus 7 will be very competitive in the market of the 7-inch tablets.

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Oct 17, 2011
I picked my Nexus 7 up about a week ago and I'm really enjoying it. Thankfully my screen is fine so far - no hazing, screen lift or other problems yet. Hopefully there won't be any issues in the future.

I paid regular price + tax as I bought it at a local OfficeMax - I refused to pay over retail even with the current limited supply.

The screen is really nice compared to any other 7" display - I also refuse to pay DOUBLE the cost of the Nexus 7 to get a 7.7" AMOLED display, even though that technology is clearly nicer than standard IPS.