My Galaxy tab 2 p3110 keeps rebooting every 20-25 minutes


Dec 18, 2012
My tab keeps rebooting every 20-25 minutes. I have tried clearing the cache as well but no results. I don't want to factory reset because I have some books app that are not available anymore on play store or any other store. Is there a way around it? Anyway I can fix my tab without factory reset? I don't want to rest and have that app and the books it can cleared. Is there any backup which is easy and can backup my books app (which is no longer available on any store) without losing the books? Please help me.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2011
There may be an app, or 2 that can back up individual apps but not the data attached to them so it may not do much good. It sounds as if one or more apps you installed may be causing the issue so you would need to try uninstalling the most recent ones one at a time to find the culprit. It also could be overheating.