My sylvania tablet Over view:


Dec 17, 2010
So i was originally writing my review on my Sylvania tablet and guess what happened. My dag on browser changed and i lost all my original stuff so here i go again.

I never had any issues with my tablet. charged fine, battery power was fine. over all i was happy with my tablet, and im even happier now that im figureing out.

i finally got some time to give to my tablet and do a few not so hard things to it and this is what i have so far. and by all means this is really simple.


let me in
paranormal activity
last exorcism(sp)

The markets i have on my tablet are :

Camangi( c-market) it works fine
slideme 3.5 works ok. its always loding content but the 4.0 update says that i have to delete 3.5 inorder for it to run properly and being that the 3.5 is a system app i have to root my device to take it off( so i have read) but i did have the 4.0 on and it did work good but it stopped working so i took it off.
app center works great
applibs installed but did not work say's its not compatable
andappstore works great as well
Im also going to try opera because ive read that it has an app store within it. ( info from jazzback)

the apps i have on my tabler are:

Angry birds original and Christmas edition
Aldiko- havent used it cause i get a sd card error. see below for description of error later on in this post
android tablet forum
app center
balloon popper
draw! v1.0.1
facebook v2.9.3
farm frenzy lite v1.4.0
magic wall v0.2 this application switches your wall paper ever few seconds or just sets your wall paper
mp3 download
slideme app installer( helps you easily remove apps from device. and you can also see all the apps that you have removed and reinstall them if you wanted to)
spy game
boost the cat. ( being deleted as soon as im done)
alphabet( being deleted)
hi aim pre cup-cake
fire quest ( being deleted)
letter tower defence
dr. droid
diamond miner
dolphin browser hd
droid mini gold
find it disney
slide puzzle
vegerables farm
smart memory
word frenzy free
words master
yumsters( being deleted)
word checker beta

Certain issues im running in to is when im useing Alidko it says "make sure my sd card is present and is not in USB STORAGE MODE. wth does this mean?
also when i take a screen shot i can not find the directory its susposed to be in. it had worked b4 tho. thats why i couldnt add any screen shots sorry

welp i hope this all helps and ill have an answer to the sd card issue.

Chayda B