My Tablet is FUBAR


Junior Member
Jun 7, 2016
Hello! Sorry for barging in like this but I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me with my Adroid GT90H tablet. it's a little cheap model I bought off of Amazon.

I was getting drowned in Spam and randomly-installed garbage apps and unable to install a Spam Blocker due to all the rubbish that was getting thrown at me so I did a Factory Reset in order to start from scratch.
Unfortunately, since then I now am completely unable to use the Google Features to my machine. It does not let me sign up using accounts I already have (I keep getting "Unable to Access Google Servers" When I try) and trying to sign up with a brand-new Gmail does not work- I even tried signing up by spelling an old account name backwards with the results saying that the account name was "Already taken" which I find really hard to believe.

I don't want to have to take this thing to a Tech Support system to be told I'm out of luck or it's going to cost more than what I paid for the model originally. Does anyone have any advice for someone who's very upset and frustrated with what was supposed to be a fun extra toy to fiddle with?