My tablet is now an expensive Beer coaster


Mar 10, 2014
My Android 4.0 was working fine until I activated the anti-thief app from Avast. Suddenly I could still turn the tablet on,the two screens (First will just the little Android robot in the middle. Second was the green screen with the little robot jumping off to the side) came on and then a total blank screen that stays on forever, as long as the battery charge last. I check this site and YouTube. Between the two I was able to get to the reboot screen. I tried all of the choices,Reboot to factory settings an everything else. It would't go to the screen that shows the word Android let alone to the screen with the clock and the apps. Somewhere in my travels around the net I saw some software or program that a guy used to get his tablet to boot. Is there such a program? Any help word be greatly appreciated.

Thank You