My tablet Review JexTab 810


May 23, 2011
Hi this is my first impressions of my new Android tablet the JexTab 810 Android 2.3 8-Inch Samsung S5PV210 Tablet, ok lets start with the discription from the vendors

Samsung ProcessorThis Amazing Tablet boasts one of the fastest processors we have seen In a Tablet to date. With an excellent responsive touchscreen and flash 10.1 supported - this Tab excels in every area. **Now with Bluetooth and Multi-Touch Screen as standard**
  • Incredible 1.2 GHz Samsung S5PV210 Processor
  • 4GB built in memory and microSD slot to expand upto 32GB
  • Responsive HD 8" touch screen with 4:3 aspect ratio
  • HDMI output for syncing with your TV
  • Android Market installed with access to thousands of apps
  • Flash 10.1 supported for best online browsing experience
  • Future proof! Upgradeable to new Android Versions
This amazing Tablet computer has a huge 512MB RAM combined with the Samsung S5PV210 1GHz processor this is a serious bit of kit! Running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and having all the features you would expect including: Skype, MSN, Word, Excel, Powepoint Viewer, Movie Player, Mp3 Player all to be enjoyed with the glorious 8 Inch Ultra thin HD LCD screen.

This is currently our best resistive touch screen Android Tablet PC, whether it's playing the latest 3D games such as Angry Birds or surfing the net on the sofa! Catching up with the news on the go or watching the latest HD movie! Whatever you are planning on doing This is the Tablet PC for you! With just one click, Android Market lets you connect directly to the tens of thousands of Android applications that are compatible and available for download.

Ok the review.

Was impressed at the shipping came the next working day from Jexxa
The build is sturdy and well built nice design.

comes with head phones, usb cable instuction manual
It is very fast conects to the internet fast
I got the capative screen which is very smooth and responsive, battery life is quite long they report 10 hrs not had it on that long yet so cannot comment
Sound is not too bad, if you down load a decent video player then its great a playing movies ect, I have rockplayer seems to play most formats, the one which comes with the tablet will not play most files.
Wifi not bad but short range.
Will play BBc iplayer and catch up tv
Over all not a bad tablet for the price
But saying that there are some not so good points
First not all the apps in market will work on the tablet the most disapointing is not being able to down load the Kindle andriod app, also a few others it will not allow you to download, other will download but will not work. Another problem that I have found is that it comes with bluetooth, I have tried to connect to other blutooth devices, mobile phone, blutooth GPS it will find then pair with then but not connect to them, still trying to short this out.
I have emailed Jexxa a few times about the above, also put tickets into the support pages, but as of yet got no reply from them and it has nearly been a week a bit poor customer service.
As I say still messing with the tablet so this is my firat impression it is realy fast, solid build and not bad for the price.

Hope this helps and if anyone knows how to sort the bluetooth out I would appriciate it.



May 23, 2011
Hi Just a quick update on my tablet, managed to get the bluetooth working had to down load an app bluetooth GPS provider which now allows me to conect to my bluetooth gps. Managed to down load the Kindle app using the kindle APK and works fine, also got nexflix working and google earth. Did not get a reply from Jexxa disapointed with that poor customer feed back, the only issues that I have now is the apps that I download using APK I cannot update as the tab keeps saying your device is not compatable with this item yet it works why? But I will try to get round this look for the upgraded apps on the net. My biggest issue is that it only has 4GB memory in reality it only has 2GB for storage as the other 2 is allocated to Android operating system this in my oppion too small. One last point is that although the tab reconises the sd card it does not show it in storage, you cannot move apps or files to it, what it does it used USB storage to store the files, which is using the internal memory. cannot find anywhere in setting to change this. but overall its very fast a decent tab for the money, but has a few anoying issues mainly contected with the apps market and compatability of the apps to the tab.