NC lost the root/reverted back to factory 1.01


Mar 4, 2011
I had successfully manual nootered my NC with Manual Nooter 4.6.16 and was happily using the NC for a month.

Then suddenly the root is gone and I am back to the factory 1.01...

Any ideas on what might have caused that? I don't think anyone forced the factory restore by holding certain buttons down. I also don't think that the battery was fully drained because I had been keeping it charged.

How can I see if any part of my old configuration still exists (apps downloaded, screen layout, etc)? Is it possible that everything from the rooted configuration is still there but something got corrupted and it rebooted into factory 1.01?

Any suggestions for preventing this from happening again?

BTW I used the appropriate version of CMR to do the manual nooter and still have that SD card so rerooting is not an issue. Just trying to figure out what happened...

FWIW since magically going back to 1.01 I haven't been prompted by B&N to auto update to 1.2 ...

Thanks in advance for any advice or ideas...