Need a little help on how to download music and movies


Oct 28, 2010
i just got a Haipad MD 701 android 2.1 and have no problems with it and am pretty excited. I do have some questions on how to download music and movies.

Here's the story...
I have itunes and downloaded doubletwist on my computer and on my apad but when I hook up my apad to the computer to sync it can't find the eclair driver and asks me to install the disc that came with the unit. Of course I don't have the disc. I then downloaded the music library to my sd card and put it in the apad. It went to my music player and although it loaded my music it doesn't show the artist and all i get is the song and album information.

Does anyone know where I can get a disc or where to download the eclair driver so I can use doubletwist or if there is a better music player.

As for downloading movies can anyone tell me a step by step way to do this. Do I need to install a video converter on my desktop and then transfer the movies to a card and then put it in the apad. If that is the case do you guys have any suggestion on software or downloads.

I'd appreciate any help,



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Oct 5, 2010
You didn't say what OS is on your desktop computer. My Haipad tablet mounts as a USB drive (well, as two drives if I mount both the internal storage and the SD card). No driver was needed on a Mac running Snow Leopard. On my Windows 7 64 bit I also didn't need to install drivers, when I plug it in Windows says "drivers found" and then asks me if I want to view the files on the drive. I don't know if this is because the Haipad doesn't need drivers under Win7-64bit or because I previously had an Augen Gentouch and the drivers for that are still on my system. Once you do get the tablet storage to mount you have to make sure you "stop" it (Windows) or drag it to the trash (Mac) BEFORE you select "Turn off" on the tablet or you can corrupt the data. Also be aware that some versions of the Haipad firmware write a ton of "disk cache" files to your microSD card (it seems safe to just trash them though).

As for the videos, iTunes uses Apple's proprietary MV4 format which can include DRM and a non-standard AC3 audio. If that's the case you'll need to strip off the DRM and use software for converting the MV4 to something else (like AVI). If the video doesn't happen to have the optional DRM and doesn't use Apples AC3 audio you *might* be able to just change the file extension from .mv4 to .mp4 and have it play in other players.

Once you have a file format that can be played in something other than iTunes you can either:
1. Mount your Apad's SD card as a USB drive and drag the files (assuming you find the appropriate drivers to mount the tablet) or
2. Put the SD card into a card reader connected to your desktop, drag the files onto it, then put the SD card in your tablet.
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