Need Help Choosing a Tablet


Aug 19, 2011
I am going to university in September and I really don't want to keep all of my notes on paper anymore since my notes usually end up completely disorganized. I was originally planning on just using my laptop but I am in engineering and it will be impossible to type out equations. Would a tablet and stylus suffice for for just writing down equations with no sentences? I also want the table for some media usage so I would prefer something like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Asus Epad. The HTC Flyer looks like it has good pen functionality but I don't really want a 7 inch tablet.


Jun 6, 2011
Stylus wont work on Tab or Transformer as both are capacitive and not resistative screens, so you would need a really expensive stylus - however a finger generally works rather well. Take a look on Android market and see if there are any apps that would work for you as I would think that would be the much more important point. You might want to consider the transformer over the tab due to the much longer battery life, especially with the keyboard (will easily last you a days worth of lectures - you really do get 8-10 hours from the tablet and at least another 4 from the keyboard), which will also assist you in your note taking.