Need Help - Upgrade RK2808-A batch1 to android 2.1


Feb 9, 2011
Hi everyone,

first, i'm from germany, so sorry for my bad english ;)
second, i'm a totally newbe to android, but i have several experience with htc win mobile devices and palm pre web os... but now, i need assistance with my pad.

i've bought an nexoc pad 7, so i've made enquiries and found out, that this device is an rockchip RK2808-A device, batch1, i think, because there is an 5V power connector an no camera. (althoug rk2808-a is printed on the chip ;)) it was offerd with android 1.5 but i think there is android 1.6 on it.
and there's my problem ;) i want to upgrade to 2.1 or higher, but i have no idea to do so.

i've read the articel "[How To] Unpack and Repack for Custom Firmwares for Rockchip RK2808/RK2808a" but where can i get an stock rom for the device?

maybe someone can help me step by step how to upgrade ;)
(or post some links ;) - or say that this is not possible ;) )

greetings from germany

onkelalex123 xD