need help


May 21, 2012
can anyone help me with this problem or put me on a site that can hi i bought a 9.7 hd touch screen google Android os 2.2 kernel 2.6.32 build number v1.5.1 and it worked for about three times now it starts up the robot comes on screen and nothing happens can you please help me ,i bought it from Thailand


Senior Member
May 16, 2012
Hi andy

You could try reflashing your tablet it should help, I'm not sure which ROM to recommend your post doesn't give much information but I think you could try uberoid ROM this seems to be OK on generic MID devices. Try googling Uberoid and working out which would be best for your tablet. Alternativly if you could supply a Model number or more information it might be possible to find a tablet specific ROM, I'm sure that would cure your problem. Good Luck