Need some Expert Help.Please read . Thanks


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May 27, 2014
Ok so i ended up buying a What i thought to be Brand name tablet off of ,Well now that i have it i find out its some Generic.. Runs Android. Here is all the info in the 'ABOUT TABLET' area.. It just came in a Box that said ANDROIDGOOGLE PLAY.. Here is the info inside about the tablet..Processor-Dualcore-A23Model Number -TY_GT90HANDROID VERSION 4.2.2FIRMWARE VERSION- V2.0.9KERNAL VERSION-3.4.39ANDROID5@LINUX 2 #138BUILD # TY_POLARIS-ENG 4.2.2 8089 20140219 TEST KEYS..I dont know if this info would be any help at all but if any one has any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it.. Im guessing its a Chinese Generic i dont know for sure. It shipped out of Florida when it was sent to me..I would really like to Root the tablet/hack it etc. When i plugged it into my PC everything went fine except for under android it said it couldnt find a driver for it.. So any suggestions out there guys?