Need Some Help with Installing Android on an X86 Intel N2600 System


Dec 29, 2012
I purchased a Win Tablet some time back running Win 7 Ultimate however have been disappointed in the performance and decided to run Android on the unit. Well things got a little sticky but found several releases that ran however not without issue. Found the official 4.2 release and it installed and appeared to run fine except that I could not get the touch screen to operate correctly (unable to calibrate) however all other devices appeared fine 3 USB ports ext RJ45 and wireless however no bluetooth and could not get the TS to calibrate even after dropping to terminal and running lsmod to make sure that the kernel was running for the TS and created a tslib directory under data/system to store settings and ran ts_calibrate with out issue and the config file was created but after reboot still unable to operate TS correctly. Then installed a version of 2.3 which ran fine and TS screen was correct but no wireless I could however make a connect to the ext rj45 and get to the internet. I realize that this has to be a driver issue and would love to run either 4.2 or 4.3 but as I am not comprehending how all this works alas I am lost. I like the win 8 but only on my laptop and really have a preference for android on portable devices as a matter of fact I would rather use it than windows or any other OS. While I realize that all are busy with jobs and family and what not has anyone else tried this, and if so please help. the device I am trying to install android on is running an intel N2600 chip which alas as well keeps me at 1024x600 on the screen which is fine as I have no need to run high end graphics on this particular device. I did partition 100 gig of the internal 500 gig drive for android, unit does have 4 gig ram as well. If some one could help I would be forever greatful. I do own several other devices running android of varying releases and come here often to read up on changes to them or perhaps install a particular mod. TF700T, Nexus 7, HTC Inspire 4G, and several chinese brand 7 inch devices which I have turned into GPS devices for kid and grandkids. I did purchase the IVIEW TP796 Phablet for my car needed the larger 7 inch screen as I can no longer see the smaller screens without a magnifying glass works great in the car and the phone in it connects to the bluetooth in the car. Sorry did not mean for this to be so long winded. If someone could give a little I would really appreciate it.