Need To Identify Asus Android Tablet


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Aug 22, 2016
I need to replace the glass on my Asus table, but I'm not sure what model it is.
I looked in settings, about tablet, model number says ME302C.
I found on the case "KOOA D9OKOT036651", and there is an Intel Inside sticker on the back of the case.

My receipt from Ebay says: "ASUS TF700T-B1-GR 10.1-Inch Tablet (Gray) 32GB". The case looks black to me. I paid $213.99 in Jan 2015. I don't remember the Ebay ad saying it was used or refurbished. I thought it was new. A new ME302C on Amazon is $581.13. A new tf700t-b1-gr on Amazon is $499. But is looks like the tf700t is better. I think I have the ME302C because the TF700T has a NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core CPU and the ME302C has an Intel Atom Z2560 1.6 GHz Dual-Core CPU and I have the Intel sticker on the back.

Here is more 'about tablet' info: Android version: "Android 4.3". Kernal version: "3.4.43 android@mec11 #1 Tue Jul 1 16:445:22 CST 2014". Build number "JSS15Q.US_epad-V5.0.21-20140701".

Here are two screen shots from BHPhoto search for "asus tf700t-b1-gr" and "asus ME302C".






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Jun 16, 2012
The device you have is a ME302C. It comes with a later version of Android than the TF700T and an Intel processor rather than the NVidia processor of the TF700T. However, it only has 16GB internal storage.

Sounds like the seller substituted the newer tablet in place of the one you supposedly bought.