Neoprene case with zipper pocket


Feb 24, 2011
I ordered this and my S7 fits really nice in it good tight fit has a lil zipper pocket on the side can't really fit any thing large in it or it becomes bulky but a usb cable isn't bad.
The bracelet is... somewhat useless but if you got kids? Then there ya go.

CrazyOnDigital Black/Gray Neoprene Case for Kindle 3. Bonus Wristband Included.

On a side note I also got I also got Bracketron PHV-200-BL Grip-iT Mobile Device Holder Now... I love this but i must say i did run into one small problem... my vent kept falling down and started to come out (uh... old klunky work truck :p but it's my baby) anyways i used the sticky pad that came with it and some folded paper to stuff in the swivel gaps of my vent and get it tighter in the socket. Been good for almost a week now... pot holes, speed bumps and wonderful gravel country roads. Really happy with both my purchases... now i just need a car charger... i hate using my power converter and packing the stock charger around.