Nestle & Google Team-Up Lives On; Will Soon Offer 'YouTube Break' Branded KitKat Bar


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Jan 5, 2011

This latest news has us scratching our heads, wondering if it is a belated April Fool's joke. Apparently, the partnership between Google and Nestle over the KitKat adversing isn't finished. Nestle just announced they will be holding an ad campaign called the "YouTube Break" which will basically replace some of the packaging on their KitKat bars for a while. Here's a quote with the details,

To celebrate 80 years since the KitKat went on sale, the two companies announced today that 600,000 "limited edition" packs will feature the name "YouTube Break" instead of the familiar KitKat logo in the UK. According to Nestle, it'll form just one of 72 different "breaks" that will feature on more than 400 wrapper designs. The plan is to produce 100 million packs, with the search giant only playing a small role. That said, YouTube will get involved, allowing smartphone owners to watch the day's top trending videos with a "OK Google, YouTube my break" voice search.

Huh? But... why? Did the PR folks at Google forget we have moved on to Lollipop and are almost to Android 6.0 now? We realize that YouTube is obviously a different animal than Android, but the whole thing still seems kinda silly... What do you think?