New Android User


Oct 29, 2011
Hello everyone. went to Costco today and bought myself a Vizio Tablet. this is my first Android i own. i wanted to buy a IPad (since everything else i own is apple) but couldn't see myself paying that much money for something that does run Flash! i seen this Tablet 2 days ago and the price was just right. i came across this site and did some research and decided to go ahead and buy it, hopefully I won't be disappointed. maybe you guys got some pointers for a newbie!:rolleyes:


Staff member
Mar 24, 2011
Hello Gonzo, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new tablet. Glad you joined us here at Android Tablets. For pointers, I'd suggest clicking on this link to the Vizio Tablets section of the forum. When you get there, read though the threads already there and learn about your new tablet. If anything occurs to you while reading an existing thread, reply to the thread and "discuss" it with the other folks posting in that thread. If you're looking for something not already being discussed, start a new thread in that section. Have fun!