New APAD 8 w 2.2 not sure if its the real deal, how to tell what I actually have


Dec 5, 2010
So bought this when i was in Shenzhen recently and after playing with it for some time, I'm starting to think it might not be what it claimed to be.

These are the specs from what i can see in "system-Dev Info" but then I'm not sure if these are faked also ...

Device = imx51_bbg
Processor = ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7I)
OS Info
Kernal = Linux version 2.6.31-01012-g4f92f83-dirty(......

only have one speaker
two screws on the side near the 30pin port
8 inch screen
android 2.2
excellent touch screen

Problems I have had
Flash - cant play youtube
It said that its supposed to support flash, but I have installed flash player 10.1 and I still cannot view videos on youtube it gives "sorry cannot play this video"

Date & Time - Entire thing is greyed out.

I have read reports of a new firmware on slatedroid but I want to make sure I know what product I actually have before I start changing firmware around.

I'm not afraid to take it apart either, so if I need to open it up to tell what processor i really have, its a go.

Any direction/info is appreciated
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