New Cruz Reader owner needs help


Dec 26, 2010
I read that holding up on the volume and pressing the power button resets the Cruz Reader..I followed the instructions and now my screen is frozen with the droid robot and a hazard icon..i can't turn it on or off..did I mess my Cruz Reader up?..
Dec 27, 2010
You'll have to remove the back cover and unplug the battery.

Get your fingernails under the rubber coated back plate,
Carefully work your way around the plate, popping it off, its taped a bit and just pull a bit to get it off,
in the lower right-hand corner, you'll see the white wire coming out of the batter over to where it is plugged in,
using your nail, or a non-sharp object, work the plug back-and-forth to unplug it,
wait five seconds or so, and plug it back in.

Should turn back on.

BTW, the reset requires a small paper-clip, press and hold for five seconds in the reset hole.



Dec 31, 2010
Holding down the volume button and then the power button starts the firmware update sequence.
The reset button is located on the top of the unit (it'll say reset...BTW I'm totally not trying to sound like a jerk) and you will need a pin to push it.


May 8, 2011
i pushed the restart but in and holded the power i dnt know why but i was trying to restart it and it turned off like it always does when i restart becuase i got it frozen but this time i pushed the power but which i never do because i waas trying to make the whole cruz restart....idk why when i push it,it just goes back to the same page it never restarts the whole thing but still i took the back cover off and tried to unplug the battery thing in the corner but it is hard i dont want to mess it up by pulling on the wires and i may be getting a new one but is the cruz ereader werth getting?
i had the pandigital which stop working and now i have this which stop working ugh im thinking on stop getting ereaders and just start on a diffent kind of device......but any help would be cool thx.