[NEW] [GAME] Cookie Destroyer!


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Sep 29, 2012
Hello everybody,
I just put online my new game for tablet and smartphone: Cookie Destroyer! Cookie Destroyer is an addictive logic game where the goal is to get rid of / destroy all the cookies on the grid in a challenge game last move against the system. Initially, the device creates a grid of cells in which randomly places cookies in pairs leaving some empty cells. Then solve the game and set the number of moves made to solve it as a challenge in the box in the upper left yellow. The objective of the game is to use as few moves of the device and do not get stuck because you have no more moves to make. To destroy the cookies you need to click on the empty cells at two cookies the same. Correspondence may be on the same row (left-right) on the same column (top to bottom) or corner (top-right, right-bottom, bottom-left, left-top). To reduce the number of moves you have to try to free two pairs of cookies with a single click (also applies to different pairs). Win who employs less moves!
Yo can find it at:

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Four difficulty levels.
Infinite game with random generation of grid.