New here and could use some help!!!


Dec 3, 2011
Hey peepz, my name is Michael, and I recently purchased a Pandigital 7" ereader from a friend for like 20 bucks, didn't think it was a bad investment since I thought the thing could be updated/flashed/rooted. I tried updating this thing from the pandigital site itself but it gives me an error, I don't like the way the new update looks though so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as into maybe installing a newer version of android OS on this thing that way I could have the marketplace and make this thing easier to use. Here's a video I took on it any help would be appreciated.

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Nov 25, 2010
Most Black pandigitals run a lesser version of android - 1.6 I think - and that is a hindrance. I would search here and at for black pandigital and you will find more info. In settings/about you can tell what version you are running for sure. I am not sure what you can do with the black ones so do some snooping.