New here


Aug 28, 2010
I'm glad I found this forum. I have an HTC Eris phone with Android 2.1 and decided to get an Android tablet because I really like the Kindle for Android and Aldiko ebook readers and wanted something with a larger screen. I bought an IRobot (I'm confused whether it's an Epad or Apad) with a 600MHz ARM-9 cpu. It has 1.6 installed, but a third party app market so I have been trying to find some way of installing the apps I've become accustomed to with my Eris. Just by chance I did a search for "Android Tablet" and this forum popped up. A quick search here and I found reference to the Android freeware repository at freewarelovers where I can download the .apk files for all the apps I want! :cool::D I think I'm going to love my tablet now and this forum.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place.