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Feb 28, 2017
Hi Everyone, I live in Somerset England and have had my Samsung Tablet 10 for about 3 years. My 4 year old granddaughter uses it more than me, so perhaps I should ask her a problem I have with it.!! Ive been able to sort things out myself up until now, but yesterday I had 961 photos appear in "auto back up" Album in my Gallery!!

I noticed about 2 years ago 160 photos appeared in this Back Up Album, which I didn't create, as I always use Dropbox on my PC to file away photos pretty quickly. But
yesterday has made me think something is going wrong, as I'm not able to delete them. I can only share, email or download. The photos appear to have the Picasso icon on them, but I don't have Picasso on my Tablet.

Trawling the internet has given me suggestions and Ive tried going into Settings and managed to unclick auto back up under Google+, but still the 961 photos are still there.

I would be very grateful if somebody could tell me a simple way of deleting these unwanted photos.

Thank you so much for reading.



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Mar 24, 2011
Hi DiF, nice to have you as a member of Android Tablets. I'm moving your thread to the Samsung Galaxy Note/Tab forum for you, where more people familiar with that tablet are likely to join the discussion and try to help you. Good luck!