New Member w/Android 8" Tablet


Aug 2, 2011
Hi....I have the 8" Android Tablet that I received last week.
I can't find out who the manufacture is but after putting a charge
on the battery it seems pretty spiff
I'm located in Maine, and I look forward to finding out a few answers
on how to "Configure" the Tablet to recognize my current wireless home
network so that I can view my email using the tablet.
Fell free to respond to this tread if you folks have already figured out
how to connect to your home wireless network.....Thank you...
This looks like a good site to find my answers....Ron


Staff member
Mar 24, 2011
Welcome to the forum Ron and congratulations on the new tablet. You'll probably be able to get a lot of answers by using the search box in the upper right corner of every forum page. If that doesn't work, try to ask your questions in the appropriate section of the forum for your tablet. That's where the folks who can help can be found. You should be able to find out what section that is by following this link to the Android Tablet Q&A section