New Member w/ APAD IMX515 8" Android Tablet


Dec 11, 2010
So this is my first Tablet. I've had an Android phone for almost two years and love everything about it. I got this tablet hoping to have a bigger better view of everything I enjoy on my phone. This is going to be kind of a quick review and I'm hoping to get some feedback on what to do to fix some of my issues.

Battery: 3900mah Internal Lithium Polymer
The initial charge time was three hours, which I'm sure is normal but this battery doesn't seem to last at all. I've been playing with it for 3 hours straight and I've only got about 10% battery left.

Screen: 800x600 TFT Resistive Touchscreen
The screen looks pretty good. Its not as nice as the screen on my droid2, but its still pretty clean. After 3 hours of straight playing my eyes do feel a little strain. I'm pretty sure its due to the resolution. While I don't plan on keeping my eyes on this thing for hours at a time, if I was to use this as an e-reader I'd be in some pain. The touch screen isn't very accurate. When moving icons on the home screen the icons jump around and it takes a lot of skill to even move the icon from one place to another. Same thing when I tried playing Angry Birds, when I pull the sling shot back it either let go early or the bird shook around like crazy.

The G-Sensor works pretty good. My only complaint is some apps that don't want you to be able to rotate the screen will show up side down. (facebook and NHL news are the only two I've seen so far) I don't know why this thing thinks the bottom is the top and the top is the bottom...

Audio: Integrated Speakers
Sound is pretty decent. I haven't played any music yet, but I've watched a few youtube videos and have no complaints.

Networking: WIFI 802.11 B/G
I've got a netgear wireless N router and for some reason this tablet HATES it. I'm sure it has something to do with it being an N router, but I've never had a problem connecting anything else to it. If I let the tablet search for the wireless it just turns on and off the wifi like its crashing. I have to manually add the wifi name and wep key and then restart the tablet for it to actually connect. I've also had to do this three times. I took the tablet to my brother's house and it connected to the linksys G router right away with no problem.

CPU and RAM: 800MHz Cortex A8 w/ 512MB (The site I bought it from says its a 1GHz but on the back of the manual it says 800MHz)
From the few apps I've played with I can tell that this tablet is actually pretty fast. I've been going from app to app with no sign of slowness.

Bottom Line:
This tablet is pretty OK for $170. I bought it from **********. I'm really hoping that some more experienced tablet owners have some suggestions to fix some of the problems I'm having before I review any further.

Thanks for reading,