New Nexus 7 Will Have a Wide Assortment Cover Options From Asus in Google Play Store


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Jan 5, 2011

We didn't quite get to this story on Friday, but it is worth revisiting. Asus announced via Twitter and Facebook that they now have several stylish cases for the Google Nexus 7 tablet coming soon. They shared some pics with several colors, but no firm date or pricing. Luckily, Google shows the grey version of the tablet on on the Google Play Store, and the price for $19.99. It's nice to see some decent accessories starting to come forth for the new tab.

Source: S3Forums via Google Play Store


May 12, 2012
I was pretty disappointed when I ordered my Nexus 7 that the case was not available to order at the same time. I had to fill in my email address to be notified when it becomes available? And pay a second shipping charge for it, probably? That part was pretty "bush league" on the part of Asus/Google, I thought.