new Sero 8 wont charge.


Dec 30, 2014
Hi folks
I have a problem with a brand new sero 8.after its original charge ran low it wont show that it is charging.
ive used multiple chargers we have 2 more sero 8's and a sero pro 7. and none of them will show up as charging.. no battery animation wheter it be wall charger or usb via PC. Tablet functions fine as long as its plugged in and shows the lightenening bolt in battery just no animation and it never takes a charge. anyone have any Ideas?

Ive done 2 factory resets to no avail.


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May 9, 2014
Welcome to the forum, Rattitood.
Don't know what to say about your Sero 8 issue. The first thing about mine was that the charging system will not indicate AC charging. It only allows the USB rate.
I had a ticket, to send it back, but didn't because every other one, that I saw, had the same issue.
If yours is not charging at all, it may be your best bet to return it to the dealer, for an exchange, or to contact Hisense about a repair.