New Tablet Owner/User


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Oct 6, 2011
Well I have been trying to decide what tablet I want to go with for months, price was a consideration but it was more or less about the Specs of the tablet and support.. I picked up my new tablet last Wednesday. I went and got the Sony S Tablet. It does tons of things I wanted and more..
Flash was a BIG must but many other things played into my decision as well. I went and got the 16gb "that was all the store currently had in stock" but I went and also picked up a Memory Card to add to the storage.

So far I am digging my new Sony Tablet and I am glad to have found this forum. Tons of great and useful information can be found here. Looking forward to spending time here. I have also downloaded the Android Forum App from the market which is a "nice feature" to have no more going to the net just click on the app icon!! :)

I have an Android Powered Smartphone but I just cant decide if I want to go and download/pay for Tapa Talk.. Does a lot of people really use it??


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Mar 24, 2011
Hello Chris, welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new Sony S. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it so much, the other folks who have one seem very pleased with it too. It's nice to have you as a member here at Android Tablets.

Judging by all the signatures I see with Tapa Talk mentioned in them it is a very popular app.